Difference between Shared Hosting, VPS Server and Dedicated Server

Infrenion started offering shared web hosting in the year 2002. We have been in business for last 15 years, and in these 15 years, we have upgraded and evolved from a small web hosting company offering shared hosting services, to one of the most leading and popular web hosting companies offering a wide variety of web hosting services such vps servers, dedicated servers etc.

We often get requests and questions from customers asking about the difference between shared hosting, vps hosting and dedicated servers. We would like to explain the same, based on a few examples, making it simple to understand from Layman’s point of view.

Difference Between Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server

Let’s assume an apartment where we have several people living on different floors in one same building. Resources such as water supply, electricity etc reach to the building through one source, and are further distributed to each of the houses in that building, thus getting shared and distrubuted.

Shared Hosting is very much like an apartment. There are several shared hosting customers, hosted on a powerful server. Server resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth etc are shared among them. When it comes sharing of resources, restrictions are placed so that no user can use more than allocated resources, restricting him from hampering the performance of other user websites in his neighborhood. Since the server resources are shared among several users, the cost for shared web hosting is cheap and affordable. At Infrenion, we have shared web hosting services available from $2.99 per month which can be ordered from https://www.infrenion.com/web-hosting.html

VPS Hosting: Imagine your websites is hosted on shared server. Due to your business growth and increase in visitors, you now require more resources for your website in terms of RAM, CPU etc.  However, due to budget constraint, you as an owner are uncomfortable to invest huge costs for dedicated resources.

Well, in such case, we suggest you upgrading to a VPS server. A VPS server, also known as Virtual Private Server is similar to a townhouse, where small Virtual servers are created on a high configuration monster server.  Each vps gets its isolated environment with more resources as compared to shared hosting. It is slightly expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than a bare metal dedicated server. It is an intermediate solution for people looking for upgrading from shared hosting, but do not want to invest huge amounts in dedicated server.

Assuming the comparison of Townhouse to a shared apartment, a VPS will give you more privacy, more resources and stable environment at slightly higher price. Infrenion offers cheap, affordable yet reliable VPS servers hosted on Cloud platform, starting from $6.99 per month at https://www.infrenion.com/vps-hosting.html

Bare Metal Dedicated Server: Now assuming a scenario where your website needs a lot of resources which are not getting fully satisfied from a VPS server, your website likely needs dedicated resources this time. A Bare Metal Dedicated server is an ideal solution in such case, where you as an owner get 100% share to your Dedicated server, thus not sharing it with any other customer. A Dedicated Server can be assumed similar to your own BIG house, where its resources are not shared with anyone else. You get 100% your privacy, accessibility and resources.

Since the resources are not shared, your website can use 100% of the server resources, which eventually result in high performance of your website.

A dedicated server is overall expensive as compared to shared hosting or a VPS, because it is not shared with anyone else, thus offering you guaranteed 100% resources to your server. At Infrenion we offer Dell branded, high performance bare metal dedicated servers which can be ordered from https://www.infrenion.com/dedicated-server-hosting.html